Our concept

For a successful cooperation

We get employees, customers and companies up to speed through events with a variety of activities in our lovely mountains cape and natural surroundings.

Support will be provided:

  • for relaxation
  • for enjoyment
  • to gather and store strength
  • to master the daily grind (better)

Today we have an extensive network of professional partners, such as A. Vogelstätter, E. Salvenmoser, A. Kaindl, to name but a few.

Managers and employees are facing increasing demands. It is important to find a balance in the face of the constant sensory overload triggered by emails, the internet, mobile phones etc.

There is now a trend towards slowing down and focusing on what is most important and this should be applied in everyday life too.

Exercise as a recipe:

  • Exercise, fresh air and new surroundings are the prerequisite for satisfaction, balance, health and willingness to perform
  • Brain and body are stimulated
  • Being active releases happy hormones
  • Performance is increased, success and satisfaction arise
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in the failure rates such as mistakes, hours lost through absenteeism and illness